Sorted Abstracts
Iurii Bogomol. High-temperature ceramic composites directionally reinforced with high-entropy borides
William G. Fahrenholtz. Superhard Boride Ceramics Produced by Boro-Carbothermal Reduction
Petre Badica. Game-changing key materials in the future sustainable economy
Ostap Zgalat-Lozynskyi. Modern technologies of synthesis, 3D printing and consolidation for the manufacture of products from composite materials based on refractory compounds.
Kostyantyn Korotkov. Model features of films of iron nanoislands that determine electron tunneling
Tetiana Roik. New composites based on aluminium alloy grinding waste for post-printing machines
Oleh Yermakov. Dispersion and polarization control of light with metasurfaces and related applications
Kostiantyn Petrash. On changes in the mechanism of chemical affinancy in the synthesis of compounds of refractory metals with oxygen group elements
Arsenii Ievtushenko. The features and prospects of Mg, Co, Cd and Nd, La, Y doping for ZnO nanostructured films
Kostiantyn Petrash. Features of sintering compositions based on titanium with refractory compounds
Oleksii Baibara. The correlation between electric and thermoelectric properties in percolative Co/Al₂O₃, Co/SiO₂ and Co/TiO₂ ferromagnetic nanocomposites
Dariia Chernomorets. A new approach to the obtaining of Y₂O₃ optical ceramics with submicron grain size
Levan Chkhartishvili. Boron carbide based tungsten containing sandwich composites as neutron shield materials
Iryna Serdiuk. Properties of Multilayer Nitride Coatings Based on Chromium and Niobium
Aram Shirinyan. Simulating the vacancy saturation effect on phase changes in irradiated nanoparticles using the steady-state approach in chemical rate theory
Pavlo Agraval. Thermodynamics and Chemical Ordering of Glass-Forming Liquid Cu–Co–Ni–Ti–Zr, Cu–Co–Ni–Ti–Hf Alloys
Anatoliy Evtukh. Structure of nanocomposite FexOy(Fe)SiOx films
Vasyl' Dutka. Simulation of densification of ceramic materials based on boron carbide during high-speed sintering under pressure
Olha Pylypova. Electrical conductivity of nanocomposite FexOy(Fe)/SiO2(Si) films
Andrii Torpakov. The impact of high-voltage electric discharge treatment of the initial powder mixture on the properties of the composites of the Cu – Al – C and Ti – Al – C systems
Vladyslav Naumenko. 3D printing of heaters based on MoSi2 by Robocasting method
Iurii Nasieka. Micro-photoluminescence analysis of the redistribution of NV and SV defects in individual CVD diamond microcrystal with the distance from Si substrate
Oleksandr Lukyanov. Determination of the mechanical properties of a composite material based on silicon nitride by the indentation method
Vitalii Sheremet. Effect of high hydrostatic pressure treatment of cememted carbides WC-3Co, WC-6Co, and WC-15Co on their Vickers hardness
Oleksandr Radchenko. Deformation-induced polymorphic transformation of β-SiС
Viktoriya Podhurska. Study of the tribological properties of MoN cathodic arc coatings applied to steel
Oleksandr Povstianoi. Research of corrosion durability of porous materials with protective coatings
Serhii Ivanchenko. Prediction of nanopowder based tape surface roughness and density from a suspension rheological data
Аlexander Kul'ment'ev. Artificial intelligence optimization method for nuclear fuel triso-elements in high-temperature reactor
Bohdan Pokhylko. SPS of conductor–insulator system close to percolation threshold based on Si3N4–ZrN
Bronislava Gorr. Development of oxidation resistant refractory high entropy alloys within the system Ta-Mo-Cr-Ti-Al
Halyna Ilnytska. The influence of physicochemical surface treatment of on the content and composition of inclusions and impurities in synthetic diamonds
Nonna Oliinyk . Research on the formation of strength characteristics of synthetic diamond powders
Vera Sydorenchuk. Thermo-kinetics of decomposition to AlN sub-micron powders of vacuum-aluminothermic origin
Oksana Korniienko. Phase Relation of the ZrO2–HfO2–La2O3 System at 1500-1100 °C
Roman Redko. Modification of dislocation concentration in GaN:Si films by non-thermal microwave radiation treatment
Olena Lavrynenko. Comparative study of the photocatalytic activity of anatase nanoparticles formed in metatitanic acid and titanium (IV) isopropoxide systems
Оksana Kaidash. The effect of refractory fillers on improving the tribotechnical characteristics of antifriction self-lubricating polymer composite coatings
Serhii Lakyza. Phase diagram of the Tb3Sc2Al3O12–TbScO3 system
Yurii Siryk. Formation of microstructure and optical characteristics of Al₂O₃/YAG:Ce eutectic obtained by HDC method
Serhii Kuleshov. Electrochemical synthesis of ultra-dispersed tungsten powders in molten salts
Iuliia Fartushna. Phase transformations in the Al-Fe-Mo system
Vitalii Karpyna. Substrate bias influence on the properties of ZnO:Al and ZnO:Al,N films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Alexei Onoprienko. (TiZrNbHfTa)B2 films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering
Nataliia Rozhenko. Ab initio study of the effect of substitutional impurities Mo and C on the physico mechanical characteristics of Zr(1-x)Mo(x)B2(1-y)C(2y) solid solutions
Valentyna Tytarenko. Laser-enhanced electrodeposition of composite nickel coatings
Igor Fesenko. Electrical Resistivity of AlN-hBN-TiB2 Ceramic Composite
Mykola Brychevskyi. Mechanical behavior of SOFC electrolytes based on zirconium dioxide
Maryna Zamula. Peculiarities of SPS nanostructured ceramics based on Si3N4 in the presence of varying liquid phase amounts
Mykola Iefimov. Production of nanosized composite Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloys and study of their plasticity in the temperature range
Alex Golubenko. Investigation of anomalous strengthening on the near-surface layer of ADI at the influence of the TRIP effect by durometric methods
Oleksandr Goncharov. Characteristic features of formation of structure, composition, and properties of films of refractory compounds
Yaroslav Tymoshenko. The influence of silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon nitride and titanium on the formation of a solid solution of carbon in silicon carbide
Yuliya Yapontseva. Magnetic properties of electrolytic alloys of refractory metals at cryogenic and near-Curie temperatures
Olena Makarenko. Application of Samsonov’s configuration model in establishing the influence of the electronic structure of d-metals on thermal electron emission of WBa cathodes
Irina Goncharova. On the crack resistance of ceramic composites based on silicon nitride
Vladimir Sheludko. High-temperature oxidation of AlB12-Al composite material
Ihor Poliakov. Synthesis of Composite Powders of the Si3N4–NbN System
Oleksandr Matviichuk. The effect of chromium and molybdenum carbides alloing on corrosion resistance of mesostructure WC-Nі composites in chloride environment
Larisa Krushynska. Effect of heat treatment on the structure and properties of tungsten cathodes produced by pressing
Oleksandr Derev'yanko. Ceramic material based on TiB2-FeSi using the reaction sintering method under SPS conditions
Tetiana Soloviova. On the peritectic dissolution of tungsten in liquid Al
Yuliya Syrovatko. Thermodynamic approach to studying of processes of contact interaction between W – C filler and iron-based binder of composite materials during infiltration
Oleksandr Vdovychenko. Effect of TiC additive on elasticity and electrical resistivity of reaction sintered nanosized SiC matrix composites
Vladislav Moroz . 3D printing of auxetic structures by the FDM method
Yulian Vysochanskii. The mixed spin-1/2 and spin-1 Ising model for CuInP₂S₆ ferrielectrics
Nadia Davidchuk. Influence of time and power of microwave radiation on the heating temperature of composite materials based on silicon carbide
Mykyta Pinchuk. Effect of chromium carbide on the elastic modulus of modified reaction-bonded silicon carbide
Oksana Baranovska. Interaction Energy in the Melts of the Fe-Mn-Si-C-Ti System
Yuri Semerenko. Mechanical, structural and acoustic properties of new heat-resistant alloys Inconel® Filler Metal 52 and Inconel® Filler Metal 52MSS in the temperature range of 77-1200K
Vera Sydorenchuk. Solubility of AlN-submicropowders of vacuum aluminothermic origin
Galina Oleynik. To the design of grain structure in ceramics
Viktor Zorianskyi. Photoluminescent studies in the wide temperature range (20-300 K) of hydrogen and nitrogen doped C₆₀ fullerite.
Vitaliy Krasovskyy. Activation of the ceramic surface to improve its wetting and brazing
Iryna Marek. Consolidation features of ZTA-composite with eutectic composition
Anastasiia Storchak. Comparison of the М1(IV)–M2(IV)–{Fe,Co,Ni,Cu} phase diagrams (М–Ti, Zr, Hf)
Victor Talash. Corrosion of Ti-xSi alloys in marine water
Vera Sydorenchuk. Input control of the fused magnesia powders for the needs of the energy industry
Dmytro Savvakin. Inconel 718 Alloy Products Manufactured Using Metal Injection Molding Approach
Volodymyr Shevchuk. Thermodynamic properties of melts of the Bi–La system
Mykola Bataiev. EPR study of spectral characteristics of REE oxides.
Halyna Veselivs'ka. Effect of electric arc spraying of Al-4.6Cu-1.5Mg coating and its plasma-electrolyte treatment on the corrosion resistance of Mg-8.5Al alloy in 3% NaCl
Yuriy Yevdokymenko. Properties of HVAF-coatings from Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline alloy
Oleksiy Kushchev. Influence of additives of bronze powder Cu-10Al-4Fe on the tribological characteristics of coatings based on the Ni-C system
Nataliya Litoshenko. Residual thermal stresses in cemented carbide with mesostructure
Volodymyr Konoval. Preparation of composite powders based on titanium-chromium diboride by the method of plasma spheroidization for gas-thermal spraying and surfacing of protective coatings.
Pavlo Korobko. Theoretical evaluation of mechanical properties of inverse opal structure
Anatoliy Trotsan. Method for modifying cast iron with briquetted powder modifiers during casting by gasification models
Andrii Burmak. Influence of ultrasonic impact treatment on structure and properties of 3D-printed metals and alloys
Tetiana Serbeniuk. Electromagnetic properties of AlN-based composite materials with C and Mo additives
Oleksii Pokropyvnyi. CVD synthesis and morphology of TiN fibers and films
Oleksii Pokropyvnyi. Synthesis of boron nitride from BCNO
Denys Andrushchenko. Properties of PTFE-Based Nanocomposite Reinforced With Micro- And Nano-Fibers of SiС
Mykhailichenko Vitalii. Modeling of the impact process of the bullet core made of hard alloy with a high entropy FeNiCrMoW binder into an obstacle
Serhii Nakonechnyi. In-situ formation of borides and their effect on structure and mechanical properties of AlNiCrTiB high-entropy alloy prepared by electron-beam sintering
Okeksandr Tolochyn. Structure and properties of the Fe3Al-TiC composites obtained by hot forging
Stanislav Ivanitskii. Thermal stability of composite materials based on boron oxide modified basalt fibers
Maria Saviak. The influence of Cr2AlC max phase additives on the mechanical properties and oxidation capacity of the medium-entropy VNiCo alloy.
Ruslan Sergiienko. Structure and physical-mechanical properties of cast heat-resistant FeNiCrCuAl high-entropy alloys
Vitaly Petrovskyi. Design of grain composition of conductive cluster of multicomponent composite and mechanism for monitoring morphology of its microstructure
Kyrylo Polishchuk. Application of clad powders for the creation of high-density tungsten heavy alloys.
Myroslav Marych. The effect of preliminary grinding of the charge on the structure and properties of hot-forged heat-resistant alloys of the Nb-Ti-Cr-Al-Mo system
Oleksandr Borymskyi. Development of cubic boron nitride synthesis processes using non-traditional technologies (overview)
Pavlo Barvitskyi. Light dense materials of the AlB12-SiC system
Iryna Diduk. Modification of basalt fibers to improve operational efficiency in aggressive environments
Iryna Diduk. Heat-resistant non-combustible material for covering surfaces of special configurations
Alexander Rud. Synthesis of the Ti3SiC2 MAX-phase by pressureless technique
Irina Valeeva. Finite element analysis of scratch test of films on substrate
Oleksii Burlachenko. Powders produced by the method of mechanochemical synthesis for thermal spraying of coatings containing MAX phases
Valentina Sudavtsova. Thermodynamic properties of melts of the Ti-Sb(Ce) and Ti-Sb-Ce systems
Valentina Sudavtsova. Thermal stability of powdery CrB2, TiB2 HfB2 and ZrB2
Valentina Sudavtsova. Thermodynamic properties of liquid alloys of the Sb-Sc system
Dmytro Baranovskyi. Calcination of metatitanic acid to nano-TiO₂ anatase
Olha Shtofel. Analysing the influence of structure morphology on weld metal properties, searching for relationships through multifractal indices
Dmytro Kustovskyi. The process of degradation of ceramic balls made of Si3N4-based materials in hybrid bearings
Tetiana Verbytska. Effect of heat treatment in hydrogen on the phase formation processes in nanoscale FePt and FePtPd films and their Raman spectra
Igor Voskoboynik. Innovative family of AlMg(X)Si(Y)Mn casting alloys for industrial applications
Arsenii Tymoshenko. The influence of morphology of starting Al2O3 nanopowders on the microstructure and optical properties of YAG:Sm3+ ceramics
Anton Balabanov. Effect of Zr⁴⁺+La³⁺ sintering aid on the microstructure and optical properties of transparent Y₂O₃ ceramics
Oleksii Pokropyvnyi. Supercritical fluid synthesis and structure of C96 zeolite-like carbon allotrope
Sviatoslav Smolnik. Effect of caesium adsorption on the emission properties of (110) and (100) molybdenum surfaces
Roman Pedan. The impact of low-temperature heat treatment on the structural and magnetic properties of Pt-(Au-)-Co heterostructures
Oksana Bersirova. Electrochemical synthesis, properties and applications of rhenium alloys with iron-group metals
Anastasiia Lokatkina. Sintering and properties of ultrahigh-temperature composites with silicon-containing additives
Kostyantyn Korniyenko. Temperature–Composition Sections of the Hf–Rh–Ir System
Oksana Vlasova. Microstructure of heat-resistant nikel alloy after high-temperature heat treatment
Olha Bezkrovna. Luminescence and UV up-conversion properties of glasses doped with Pr3+ ions
Ivan Luzhnyi. Electronic structure of cubic and rhombohedral tantalum carbide phases: DFT calculations and X-ray photoelectron and X-ray emission spectroscopy measurements
Alina Makudera. The influence of the ZrO2 powder dispersion on the solid solutions formation during complex stabilization
Vladyslav Bilyi. A first-principles study of uniaxial compression of boron carbide doped by aluminum in intercosahedral chain
Oleksandr Vasiliev. Charge carrier defect-dopant complexes in ZrO₂ co-doped with yttria and scandia
Maryna Storozhenko. Abrasive wear behaviour of detonation-sprayed (Ti, Cr)C-Ni hardmetal coatings
Apurbba Kumar Sharma. Microwave cladding: a novel technique for development of a nanostructured wear resistant surfaces
Salvatore Grasso. Advancements in Sintering: Exploring Emerging Techniques and Future Perspectives
Andrii Ragulya. Progress of non-isothermal sintering methods