24-27 May 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine

Technical Details

Zoom registration and Connection

We will send directions on registering and connecting and links for registration to the Correspondent Authors’ emails on 23.05.2022 (Monday).

Where to come (offline)

Room 222, 35 Polytechnichna str., Kyiv

(Room 222, Building 9, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute)

Prepare your materials

  • Oral Presentations

    • Prepare your presentation as usual in the software of your choice (e.g., PowerPoint).

    • Timing: 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion

  • Poster Presentations

    • Prepare a single slide in the presentation software of your choice (e.g., PowerPoint)

    • Design your slide as you would design a poster

    • Do not use excessive or small text on your slide

    • Make sure all objects (text and graphics) are visible from 1-1.5 meters on your computer screen.

    • Timing: 5 minutes + 1 hour for discussion

IMPORTANT: Active Poster Sessions

All poster presenters will need to briefly introduce their materials (up to 5 minutes) during the first part of the Poster Session. After that, you will have one hour for discussion in your Zoom room.

Slides aspect ratio:

  • Online: Chose the ratio that better fits the screen size of the monitor you will present on. This should be 16:9 for widescreen monitors (most modern computers) or 4:3 for “square” monitors (older models).
  • Offline: 4:3 is better, but 16:9 will also work

About the file uploads

IMPORTANT: (No) File Upload

There is no need to upload your presentations anywhere. You will present them from your computer (online) or our (offline) during the session.