May 24-27, 2022 Kyiv, Ukraine

General Information

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, National Technical University «Igor Sikorsky Кyiv Polytechnic Institute» and Frantsevich Materials Research Society regularly (every two years) organize a conference on materials science of refractory compounds and materials. The conference bears the name of an outstanding scientist Grigoryi V. Samsonov, one of the founders of materials science of advanced refractory carbides, nitrides, borides, silicides etc. Over 400 refractory compounds were synthesized and extensively characterized under his supervision and described in 36 books. Out of this knowledge, industrial technologies of these compounds were developed and commercialized. 

Refractory materials operate under extreme conditions such as high temperatures and pressures, aggressive chemical and radiation media. and are widely used in many industrial fields. Recently the 1D and 2D unusual forms of refractory compounds have been discovered and attract significant scientific interest. The conference will focus on discussion of the advances in fundamental understanding and application of refractory materials.


We look forward to your participation at “Materials science of refractory compounds” 2022!

Low-Dimensional Nanostructures Of Refractory Compounds

Ceramics And Composites Based On Refractory Compounds

Films And Coatings Based On Refractory Compaunds

Synthesis And Properties