24-27 May 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine

Online Conference Broadcast

Dear colleagues,

Because of the unprovoked war russia and its president putin started in Ukraine and the atrocities of the invaders, the lives of many of us have got severely disrupted. It stands true for many of our international colleagues and for all Ukrainians, as some had to change their priorities to help with the defense efforts, others were forced to hide in bomb shelters or leave their homes for safety. There are also those who are not with us anymore.  Yet, for “life to overcome death,” we need to go on despite the obstacles and hardships; we need to do the work we love. And a friendly meeting to discuss our achievements is as good a way forward as any.  Our current intent is to hold the MSRC-2022 Conference on the dates and in the format it was initially planned. To account for the situation, though, we are making several adjustments: 
      1. The final date for Abstract submission is moved to April 15, 2022. 
      2. The final date for the Conference Registration is moved to May 8, 2022. 
      3. We are changing the Conference fee to “pay-what-you-want” for all participants. A minimum limit of 100 Euro applies to international participants. There is no minimum limit for Ukrainians, but those who decide not to pay the fee will have to inform the Organizing Committee about their intent to participate by email to be registered for the Conference. 
      4. Depending on the situation around the Conference dates, the Conference materials may be distributed exclusively in electronic format. 
We are looking forward to meeting you at the Conference! 
Meanwhile, please stay safe!  

MSRC-2022 Organizing Committee

Key Speakers

General Information

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, National Technical University «Igor Sikorsky Кyiv Polytechnic Institute» and Frantsevich Materials Research Society regularly (every two years) organize a conference on the materials science of refractory compounds and materials. The forum bears the name of an outstanding scientist Grigoryi V. Samsonov, one of the founders of materials science of advanced refractory carbides, nitrides, borides, silicides, etc. Over 400 refractory compounds were synthesized and extensively characterized under his supervision and described in 36 books. Out of this knowledge, industrial technologies of these compounds were developed and commercialized.   

Refractory materials operate under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, and pressures, aggressive chemical and radiation media and are widely used in many industrial fields. Recently the 1D and 2D unusual forms of refractory compounds have been discovered and attracted significant scientific interest. The conference will focus on discussing the advances in fundamental understanding and application of refractory materials.  

We invite you to submit your experimental or theoretical works covering the following topic areas in the field of refractory compounds:  


Topic Areas

Synthesis and Properties

Low-Dimensional Materials and Nanostructures

Ceramics and Composites

Films and Coatings