8th International Materials Science Conference HighMatTech-2023
October 2-6, 2023 Kyiv, Ukraine

Composite Materials



Prof. Iurii Bogomol

PhD, Dr.Sci., Professor Head of department of
High-temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy
National Technical University of Ukraine
“Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 37,
Peremohy Ave., 03056 Kyiv, Ukraine
Iurii Bogomol graduated in National Technical University of Ukraine ” Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. He had short time fellowships in National Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany). His scientific interests are: Directional solidification of eutectic alloys, structure and properties of ceramic and metal-ceramic composites based on of refractory compounds; mechanical behaviour of the directionally solidified and SPSed boride and carbide ceramic eutectic composites in wide temperature range. High-entropy alloys based on refractory compounds. He was the manager and coordinator of more than 20 scientific and educational projects. He is author of more than 270 scientific works and patents.

Keynote speaker:


Prof. Petre Badica

Senior Researcher 1st degree
National Institute of Materials Physics, Romania
Badica Petre is a Senior Researcher of 1st degree at NIMP.  He graduated in 1992 from University ‘Politehnica’ Bucharest, Romania and was awarded in 1996 a PhD in Engineering Sciences from National Technical University of Ukraine, ‘Kiev Polytechnical Institute’. He is a former JSPS-STA, NIMS, NEDO, MANA, Alexander  von Humboldt fellow and Visiting Prof. of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Tohoku University, Japan. His interest is in synthesis/processing of materials by conventional and unconventional technologies, advanced complex characterization, and applied physics of selected materials (refractors and structural materials, superconductors, optoelectronic materials and sensors,
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Conference Secretary: Storozhenko Maryna
E-mail: conference@umrs.org.ua