All the accepted abstracts will be assembled into the Conference Book of Abstracts, which will be distributed among the registered participants and deposited into key Ukrainian scientific libraries. The costs to prepare and distribute the Book of Abstract are included in the base fee.  

Authors of accepted abstracts may choose to develop the material into a full text paper of six or more pages to be published as Conference Proceedings in Key Engineering Materials  or Materials Science Forum  Journals.  

Publication of Conference Proceedings requires an additional payment of 30 Euro per paper (20 Euro publication fee + 10 Euro processing fee, including bank commissions, taxes, and postal services). Ukrainian participants will need to pay the fee in Hryvnia, an amount equivalent to 30 Euro on the day of payment (National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate).  

 Note, that though the Conference Proceedings journals are indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, it is done on a per issue basis. The decision of the indexing services is based on the quality of materials in the issue (content, language) and thus is not guaranteed. Please, prepare your materials responsibly. 

 No more than two papers per author can be published in the Conference Proceedings.