Conference fee

All participants (either attending the conference personally or on-line) have to register by paying the Base Conference Fee. 

Registration fees
International participants: 100 Euro,  PhD students – 50 Euro.
Ukrainian participants: 500 UAH  

Members of the Frantsevich Ukrainian Materials Research Society are eligible for a 50% discount to the base fee (does not apply to possible publication fee).

It is of key importance to us that all prospect participants have equal opportunities to attend the conference. We understand that for some Ukrainians the Conference fee can effectively become a paywall because of the financial hits caused by the war. If you find yourself in such a situation, please apply for “pay-as-you-want” fee by email to the Organizing Committee indicating the amount with which you can support the Conference organization efforts.

The base fee covers the following services:
      • Organizing costs (wages, software licensing, conference rooms, equipment rental, etc.);
      • Conference Materials Package (Book of Abstracts and supplements);
      • Mail delivery of the Conference Package.
Important! Publication of full text papers is not included in the base fee. 

If the situation with the war in Ukraine will allow it, we are planning to organize a Conference Dinner for a separate payment.  

NOTE: Payment information will be sent to participants together with the Abstract Acceptance Confirmation Notice by email provided upon Abstract Submission.

How to registrer

ATTENTION! Proceed with the registration only if your abstract has been ACCEPTED (as confirmed by the Acceptance Letter).

Please proceed with the registration by making conference  fee payment before the 1st of August, 2023 to be included in the Conference Program. Сontact us at if you plan to register but cannot make the payment in time.

Payment information for Ukrainian participants:

Please follow the link for payment information:  Реквізити – УМТ.

Purpose of Payment: HighMatTech-2023, Presenter Name (UMRS No #).

Make sure you filled in the Purpose of Payment and included the presenter’s full name into the payment details. If the Presenter is a member of Ukrainian Materials Research Society and you are paying the reduced fee, also indicate the Membership Certificate number in the Purpose of Payment.

Invoices  for international participants will be included with the Abstract Acceptance Letter or Full Paper Acceptance confirmation, for the options without and with full text publication respectively.